the wagon

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While I may have temporarily fallen off the blogging wagon, I have not stopped losing weight. As of last Friday, my weigh in day of choice, I’ve lost 62.8 pounds. Things are really busy right now for me. I’m leaving for a South American adventure on Tuesday, and I’m just a little bit frantic tying up all the loose ends. When things die down just a little bit, I’m going to spiff this place up with an About Me section, my progress chart and a lot of other stuff. Check back in early-ish July.

I’ll tell you this. I’m very excited about my upcoming trip. A trip I never would have considered 62.8 pounds ago. A trip I never thought I would have been able to take. Go me.


losing weight?

Losing weight is a bit of a misnomer. I wish it was as easy as misplacing it. It’s not. It’s working it. It’s working the weight off. I know exactly where I put each of those pounds I no longer wear.

I’ve worked most of them off because of the calorie counting. A lot them are gone because of the treadmill walking (I loves me my treadmill!). Some of them have probably been squashed by the three-plus liters of water I drink each day.

Now don’t get me wrong, this work is isn’t complex and it isn’t that hard when you get down and dirty with it and begin a rhythm, but it is work.

For me, the work involves planning ahead to make sure I eat my meals consistently and my portions are appropriate. It’s making a list of the foods I need to buy when I go shopping. It’s cooking enough food ahead of time to get me through until the next time I’ll have the time to cook again. It’s exercise. It’s also making sure to enjoy the progress and accomplishments whenever (and wherever on my body) they happen.